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Burning Days

A film by Emin Alper. In Turkish with German subtitles.

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Emre, a young and dedi­ca­ted pro­se­cu­tor, is new­ly appoin­ted to a small town hit by a water cri­sis and poli­ti­cal scan­dals. After an initi­al wel­co­me, he expe­ri­en­ces an incre­asing num­ber of ten­se inter­ac­tions and is reluc­tant­ly drag­ged into local poli­tics. When Emre forms a bond with the owner of the local news­pa­per pres­su­re escala­tes under hea­ted rumours.


Kurak Günler
TK 2022, 129 Min., türk. OmU
Regie: Emin Alper
Kamera: Christos Karamanis
Schnitt: Özcan Vardar, Eytan Ipeker
mit: Eki̇n Koç, Erdem Şenoca, Erol Babaoğlu, Selahatti̇n Paşali, Seli̇n Yeni̇nci̇

BURNING DAYS von Emin Alper – Offizieller deut­scher Trailer
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Das Zen Tagebuch

Das Zen Tagebuch

A film by Yûji Nakae. In Japanese with German subtitles.

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Writer Tsutomu lives alo­ne at a moun­tain cabin in Nagano. He coll­ects fruits and mush­rooms from the moun­tain. He also rai­ses vege­ta­bles in a field. Everyday, he cooks his meals with the­se natu­ral ingre­di­ents. Doing that, he can feel the flow of the sea­sons and he wri­tes his book. Sometimes, his editor/girlfriend Machiko visits him. They cook with sea­so­nal ingre­di­ents and eat tog­e­ther. They have a good time tog­e­ther. Tsutomu seems to be enjoy­ing an easy­go­ing life, but he is still unable to bury his dead wife’s ashes in a gra­ve. His wife died 13 years ago.


Tsuchi o kurau jûni­ka getsu
JP 2022, 111 Min., japan. OmU
Regie: Yûji Nakae
Kamera: Hirotaka Matsune
Schnitt: Ryuji Miyajima

Buch: Yûji Nakae nach der Erzählung „Tsuchi wo Kurau Hibi – 12 Monate von der Erde essen” von Mizukami Tsutomu
mit: Kenji Sawada, Takako Matsu, Fumi Dan, Naomi Nishida, Toshinori Omi, Koihachi Takigawa

DasZenTagebuch TLR HD 24p DE XX 20 230714 2
Im Kino in japa­nisch mit deut­schen Untertiteln
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Vergiss Meyn Nicht

Vergiss Meyn Nicht

A film by Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl and Jens Mühlhoff. In German.

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A new com­mu­ni­ty has emer­ged, thir­ty met­res abo­ve the ground in the tree­tops of the Hambach Forest. In 2018, this site beco­mes the focus of cli­ma­te poli­cy dis­pu­tes in Germany on account of a group of peo­p­le who have got invol­ved by living in self-built tree hou­ses in a bid to pre­vent the threa­ten­ed cle­arance of the forest. Film stu­dent Steffen Meyn docu­men­ted the­se acti­vists’ part­ly peaceful, part­ly radi­cal, part­ly aggres­si­ve strugg­le against the des­truc­tion of natu­re over a peri­od of two years with a 360-degree hel­met came­ra. But then he fell from a tree during a poli­ce evic­tion and died.
This docu­men­ta­ry by Meyn’s fri­ends and fel­low stu­dents Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl and Jens Mühlhoff is based on his foo­ta­ge. In their film, the protagonist’s doubts come across just as cle­ar­ly as does his fri­end­ly per­se­ver­ance and his efforts to cope with the more mili­tant aspects of the move­ment. In addi­ti­on, the direc­tors con­duc­ted inter­views with acti­vists on whom the expe­ri­en­ces in “Hambi” have left their mark. How far, they ask, does acti­vism need to go? And how far should it go?


DE 2023, 102 Min.,
Regie: Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl, Jens Mühlhoff

Kamera: Carina Neubohn, Nora Daniels, Steffen Meyn
Schnitt: Ulf Albert

Vergiss Meyn Nicht [Offizieller Teaser DEUTSCH HD] – Ab 21. September im Kino
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Music for Black Pigeons

Music For Black Pigeons

A film by Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed.

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Music for Black Pigeons is the first col­la­bo­ra­ti­on bet­ween Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed. The film poses exis­ten­ti­al ques­ti­ons to influ­en­ti­al jazz play­ers such as Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Midori Takada and many others: How does it feel to play, and what does it mean to lis­ten? What is it like to be a human being and spen­ding your who­le life try­ing to express some­thing through sounds? The cha­rac­ters wake up, rehe­ar­se, record, per­form and talk about music. In some moments they are on the edge, the edge of exis­tence, con­stant­ly chal­len­ging them­sel­ves. They lis­ten. They devo­te them­sel­ves to fin­ding a space to crea­te a con­nec­tion to some­thing big­ger than them­sel­ves. Something that will out­last all of us. For the past 14 years, the film­ma­kers fol­lo­wed Danish com­po­ser Jakob Bro, wit­nessing his musi­cal encoun­ters with acclai­med and eccen­tric musi­ci­ans from across gene­ra­ti­ons and natio­na­li­ties. Through Bro’s com­po­si­ti­ons, the film’s cha­rac­ters explo­re the space of music—and in doing so ans­wer some of the ques­ti­ons the film poses, in a poe­tic, life-affir­ming and enter­tai­ning way.


DK 2022, 92 Min., Englisch, Dänisch, Japanisch OmU
Jørgen Leth und Andreas Koefoedmäki
Kamera: Adam Jandrup, Dan Holmberg, Andreas Koefoed
Schnitt: Adam Nielsen
mit: Jakob Bro, Lee Konitz, Thomas Morgan, Paul Motian,
Bill Frisell, Mark Turner, Joe Lovano, Andrew Cyrille, Palle Mikkelborg,
Jon Christensen, Manfred Eicher, Midori Takada

Music For Black Pigeons TRAILER DE
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Auf der Adamant

A film by Nicolas Philibert. In French with German subtitles.

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The Adamant is a uni­que day-care cent­re. A floa­ting struc­tu­re loca­ted on the Seine in the heart of Paris, it wel­co­mes adults suf­fe­ring from men­tal dis­or­ders, offe­ring the kind of care that grounds them in time and space and helps them to reco­ver or keep up their spi­rits. The team run­ning it tri­es to resist the dete­rio­ra­ti­on and dehu­ma­ni­sa­ti­on of psych­ia­try as best as they can.
One of the gre­at docu­men­ta­ry film­ma­kers working today, Nicolas Philibert’s approach has ever­y­thing to do with get­ting clo­se to his sub­ject. Whether it is an indi­vi­du­al such as the oran­gut­an of Nénette (Forum, 2010), or a group of peo­p­le as in La mai­son de la radio (Panorama, 2013), his obser­va­ti­on over an exten­ded peri­od of time is moti­va­ted by a genui­ne and con­ta­gious inte­rest in all that moves within a com­mu­ni­ty. The ques­ti­on of trust is always cen­tral to a docu­men­ta­ry filmmaker’s work and Philibert’s stance is per­fect in that regard, espe­ci­al­ly for tho­se who might have reason to mis­trust their fel­low humans. This gent­le, enligh­tening film invi­tes us to join the wel­co­ming micro­c­osm of the Adamant. In their com­pa­ny we may, as one pati­ent sug­gests, deci­de in the mor­ning to make sure that we will have a good day.

Berlinale 2023: Golden Bear


Sur l’Adamant
FR/JP 2022, 109 Min., frz. OmU
Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: Nicolas Philibert,
Regie unter Mitwirkung von Linda De Zitter

On the Adamant / Sur l’Adamant (2023) – Trailer (English Subs)
im Kino mit deut­schen Untertiteln
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Fallende Blätter

Fallende Blätter – Fallen Leaves

A film by Aki Kaurismäki. In Finnish with German subtitles.

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FALLEN LEAVES tells the sto­ry of two lonely peo­p­le (Alma Pöysti and Jussi Vatanen) who meet each other by chan­ce in the Helsinki night and try to find the first, only, and ulti­ma­te love of their lives. Their path towards this hono­ura­ble goal is clou­ded by the man’s alco­ho­lism, lost pho­ne num­bers, not kno­wing each other’s names or addres­ses, and life’s gene­ral ten­den­cy to place obs­ta­cles in the way of tho­se see­king their happiness.

This gent­le tra­gi­co­me­dy, pre­vious­ly thought to be lost, is the fourth part of Aki Kaurismäki’s working-class tri­lo­gy (Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, and The Match Factory Girl).


Kuolleet leh­det
FI 2023, 81 Min., finn. OmU
Regie: Aki Kaurismäki
Kamera: Timo Salminen
Schnitt: Samu Heikkilä
mit: Alma Pöysti, Jussi Vatanen

Fallen Leaves (2023) | Trailer | Aki Kaurismäki Alma Pöysti | Jussi Vatanen
im Kino mit deut­schen Untertiteln
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