Crossing – Auf der Suche nach Tekla

A film by Levan Akin. In Georgian, Turkish and English with German subtitles.

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Lia, a reti­red tea­cher, has made a pro­mi­se to find out what hap­pen­ed to her long-lost nie­ce, Tekla. When Lia lear­ns from a neigh­bour, Achi, that Tekla might have left their Georgian home­land and be living in Turkey, Lia and Achi set off tog­e­ther to find her. Arriving in Istanbul, they dis­co­ver a beau­tiful city full of con­nec­tions and pos­si­bi­li­ties. But sear­ching for someone who never inten­ded to be found is har­der than they expec­ted – until they meet Evrim, a lawy­er fight­ing for trans rights. As Lia and Achi wea­ve their way through the city’s back­streets, Tekla starts to feel clo­ser than ever.
Levan Akin’s fourth fea­ture film is fil­led with an impres­si­ve emo­tio­nal imme­dia­cy. Two initi­al­ly hesi­tant stran­gers over­co­me not only ideo­lo­gi­cal but also inter­nal boun­da­ries on their mis­si­on and join forces. The topo­gra­phy of the city plays just as important a role in this ode to huma­ni­ty as the array of cha­rac­ters that live within it.


SE/DK/FR/TR/GE 2023, 105 Min., geor­gisch, tür­kisch, engl. OmU
Regie: Levan Akin
Kamera: Lisabi Fridell
Schnitt: Emma Lagrelius, Levan Akin
mit: Mzia Arabuli, Lucas Kankava, Deniz Dumanlı 

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