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A film by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. Starts March 16th at the fsk. In Korean with German suntitles.

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A man and his fri­end occa­sio­nal­ly ste­al babies from the church’s baby box and sell them on the adop­ti­on black mar­ket. However, when a young mother comes back after having aban­do­ned her baby, she dis­co­vers them and deci­des to go with them on a road-trip to inter­view the baby’s poten­ti­al parents.


KR / JP 2022, 129 Min., kore­an. OmU
Regie. Schnitt & Buch: Hirokazu Kore-Eda
Kamera: Kyung-pyo Hong
mit: Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong Won, Doona Bae, Lee Ji Eun, Lee Joo Young

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Saint Omer

Saint Omer

A film byAlice Diop. Starts March 9th at the fsk. In French with German subtitles

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French direc­tor Alice Diop has explo­red intra­fa­mi­li­al frac­tures in Afro-European fami­lies in a series of nota­ble docu­men­ta­ries, most recent­ly NOUS (2021). SAINT OMER, her first work of fic­tion, is co-writ­ten with acclai­med aut­hor Marie Ndiaye and con­ti­nues this pro­ject within the frame­work of a cle­ver­ly mir­rored cour­t­room dra­ma – crea­ting one of the most asto­nis­hing fic­tion debuts of the year. The start­ing point is a fait divers about a young woman from Senegal who aban­do­ned her 15-month-old baby to the tide on a beach in nor­t­hern France. On the one hand, Diop fol­lows this woman’s tri­al in an empha­ti­cal­ly sober tone, with the accu­sed pre­sen­ting hers­elf neither as a vic­tim of cir­cum­s­tances nor as a con­sci­en­ce­l­ess per­pe­tra­tor. This choice of sta­ging alre­a­dy crea­tes a sort of defa­mi­lia­riza­ti­on that makes clear attri­bu­ti­ons and simp­le ans­wers dif­fi­cult. However, the film turns out to be even more com­plex due to the fact that the­re is an out­side per­spec­ti­ve to boot: Rama, a young nove­list working on the anci­ent Medea myth, is atten­ding the tri­al. Rama is pregnant, but that’s not the only reason the woman’s sto­ry trig­gers doubts in her about her own self-image. Diop tells a sto­ry of cul­tu­ral dif­fe­ren­ces – not only bet­ween mino­ri­ties and the majo­ri­ty socie­ty, but also within the dia­spo­ra. (Dominik Kamalzadeh)


FR 2022, 123 Min., franz. OmU
Regie: Alice Diop
Kamera: Claire Mathon
Schnitt: Amrita David
Mit Kayije Kagame, Guslagie Malanda, Valérie Dréville, Aurélia Petit u. a.

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Return to Dust

A film by Li Ruijun. Starts March 3rd at the fsk. In Chisese with German subtitles.

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Ma and Guiying lead lives that are simi­lar­ly shel­te­red and dif­fi­cult. He is a reti­cent far­mer, the last of his fami­ly to remain unmar­ried; she is dis­ab­led and infer­ti­le, and long past what is con­side­red to be mar­ry­ing age in rural China. Their arran­ged mar­ria­ge, uniting two peo­p­le who are accus­to­med to iso­la­ti­on and humi­lia­ti­on, would appear to force them into a rela­ti­onship that will make life worse for both of them. But ins­tead, they sei­ze the oppor­tu­ni­ty to rise abo­ve them­sel­ves and dis­co­ver their shared desti­ny. They learn how to beco­me clo­se com­pa­n­ions, how to speak up, how to care for each other and even how to smi­le. All this in spi­te of the hard work requi­red of them by their quint­essen­ti­al bond with the land and the tri­als that await them on their com­mon path. Against a back­drop of topics such as the explo­ita­ti­on of farm workers, forced urba­ni­sa­ti­on, the uproo­ting of tra­di­ti­ons and pover­ty, Li Ruijun – who returns to his birth­place of Gaotai, in the nor­t­hern pro­vin­ce of Gansu – prio­ri­ti­ses the cha­rac­ters’ world­view, with its inher­ent nai­ve­ty and fra­gi­li­ty, through an act of trust and love that infu­ses the film with subt­le ten­der­ness and pro­found humanity.


CN 2022, 132 Min., chin. OmU
Regie & Schnitt: Li Ruijun
Kamera: Wang Weihua
mit: Wu Renlin, Hai Qing

Return to Dust – Trailer OV/d/f
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A film by IAlejandro Loayza Grisi. Starts February 9th at the fsk. In Spanish & Quechua with German subtitles.

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In the Bolivian high­lands, an elder­ly Quechua cou­ple has been living the same dai­ly life for years. When an uncom­mon­ly long drought threa­tens their enti­re way of life, Virginio and his wife Sisa face the dilem­ma of resis­ting or being defea­ted by the envi­ron­ment and time itself.


BO 2022, 87 Min., Quechua, Spanisch OmU
Regie: Alejandro Loayza Grisi
Kamera: Barbara Alvarez
Schnitt: Fernando Epstein
mit: José Calcina, Luisa Quispe, Santos Choque

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Concerned Citizen

A film by Idan Haguel. In Hebrew with German subtitles.

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Ben plants a tree on the street in front of his house in Neve Sha’anan, a migrant neigh­bour­hood in the south of Tel Aviv. The dis­trict is on the up, and Ben has bought and upgraded a flat here tog­e­ther with his part­ner Raz. This gay cou­ple now enjoys a sett­led exis­tence, their days are struc­tu­red by a well-estab­lished rou­ti­ne and ever­y­thing is in its pro­per place. Time then, to tack­le their desi­re to have child­ren. And so, assi­duous­ly and con­sci­en­tious­ly, they set about sear­ching for a sui­ta­ble egg donor and sur­ro­ga­te mother. One day, when a neigh­bour­ly con­flict escala­tes over the tree he has plan­ted, Ben beco­mes wit­ness to bru­tal poli­ce vio­lence against an Eritrean. The inci­dent upsets his self-image and his plans for a life tog­e­ther with Raz.
Idan Haguel por­trays a gay midd­le-class cou­ple who­se desi­re for self-rea­li­sa­ti­on beg­ins to nar­row their world­view, brin­ging deep-sea­ted pre­ju­di­ces to light. A deft­ly told para­ble about the mecha­nisms of gen­tri­fi­ca­ti­on which, with a hint of sati­re, rai­ses an uncom­for­ta­ble ques­ti­on, name­ly: exact­ly how tole­rant are we?


IL 2022, 82 Min., hebäi­sche OmU
Regie, Buch: Idan Haguel
Kamera: Guy Sahaf
Schnitt: Shauly Melamed
mit: Shlomi Bertonov, Ariel Wolf

CONCERNED CITIZEN Trailer Deutsch | German [HD]
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Sorry, this ent­ry is only available in German.

Unsere Dokfilmwoche, die ins­ge­samt sechs­mal jeweils Ende August statt­fand, ist vor­erst Geschichte. Sie wur­de von uns über­ar­bei­tet, zer­stü­ckelt und neu zusammengesetzt.

Herausgekommen ist Dok-Termin- 12 beson­de­re Dokumentarfilme ver­tei­len sich aufs Jahr. Jedes Werk wird zwei­mal zu sehen sein, im fsk-Kino und in einem wei­te­ren Kino der Indiekino-Gruppe. Gespräche mit den Macher*innen, Diskussionen, Einführungen und was sich sonst zur Unterstützung oder Weiterführung anbie­tet, ergän­zen die Veranstaltungen.

Das Programm ist nicht auf bestimm­te Themen, Formen oder Inhalte ausgerichtet.

Die geplan­ten Filme las­sen Zusammenhänge in neu­em Licht erschei­nen. Die gesam­te Haltung, wie Empathie und Umgang mit Protagonist*innen, der gewähl­te Blickwinkel ent­schei­den über ihre Relevanz. Wir freu­en uns über Angebote zum Dialog, oder die Einladung, beim Zuschauen eige­ne Bilder zu for­men sowie über die essay­is­ti­sche Annäherung an ein Thema.

Besondere und indi­vi­du­el­le Geschichten, die unauf­dring­lich auf einen kom­ple­xen äuße­ren Kosmos

wei­sen, sind gefragt, aber in der Umkehrung auch eine freie und wei­te Erzählung, in der sich der/die Einzelne wie­der­fin­det. Die Filme gehen vom Großen, Weiten ins Detail und las­sen vom Persönlichen, engen Rahmen aufs Allgemeine schlie­ßen, regio­nal wie weltweit. 

Hier die nächs­ten Termine:


12.2.2023 15:00 Uhr
13.2.2023 18:00 Uhr im fsk Kino [Tickets]


29. & 30.1.2023 18:00 im fsk Kino [tickets]


8.& 9.1.2023 18:00 fsk Kino [tickets]

#21 A / O

So. 4.12. 18:00 fsk-Kino
Mo. 5.12. 18:00 Sputnik-Kino

#20 PARADIES, PARADIES [indiekino Club]

So. 13.11. 18:00 fsk-Kino
Mo. 14.11. 18:00 Sputnik-Kino


So., 23.10. 18:00 fsk-Kino
Mo., 24.10. 19:00 Sputnik-Kino

DokTermin wird rea­li­siert mit Unterstützung aus Mitteln der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa