Wir waren Kumpel

Wir waren Kumpel

A film by Christian Johannes Koch & Jonas Matauschek.

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Black dust, shrill metal­lic noi­ses, dark tun­nels, mus­cu­lar bodies – all that is the past. At the end of 2018, extra­c­tion of coal throug­hout Germany came to an end. That same year, the voices of the emer­ging cli­ma­te pro­test move­ment Fridays for Future grew lou­der. Against the back­drop of the­se media and socio-poli­ti­cal events, the film fol­lows five miners on their tra­gic, humo­rous and heart­warm­ing search for a new role in life.


DE 2023, 104 Min.,
Regie: Christian Johannes Koch & Jonas Matauschek
Kamera: Sebastian Klatt
Schnitt: Natali Barrey, Annette Brütsch, Jonas Matauschek

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