Futur Drei

A film by Faraz Shariat.

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High-cut trou­sers, skin-tight t‑shirt, short, per­oxi­de-blond hair. On his bir­th­day, Par­vis cele­bra­tes by ste­aling a bot­t­le from the bar at the club and dan­cing. The son of Ira­ni­an par­ents, he has estab­lis­hed hims­elf in the attic of his par­ents’ house in a quiet new housing esta­te in Lower Sax­o­ny and is busy try­ing out ever­ything and anything from sex dates to raves. After get­ting caught shoplif­ting, he is sent to do com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice in a refu­gee shel­ter whe­re he falls in love with Amon, who has fled Iran with his sis­ter Banaf­s­he Are­zu. The trio enjoys a sum­mer of fier­ce par­ty­ing till dawn, colou­red by the rea­li­sa­ti­on that, in their dif­fe­rent ways, none of them is at home in Germany.
In his power­ful, semi-bio­gra­phi­cal debut pep­pe­red with pop-cul­tu­ral refe­ren­ces, Faraz Shari­at unfolds a tale of inten­se first love. With a pre­cise grasp of social con­text, he offers a sen­si­ti­ve insight into the expe­ri­ence of migrants in Ger­ma­ny caught bet­ween fee­ling for­eign, being exclu­ded and obtai­ning the per­ma­nent right to stay, and shows how even sub­se­quent genera­ti­ons are still in the pro­cess of arriving.


DE 2020, 91 Min., dt., far­si OmU
Regie: Faraz Shariat
Kame­ra: Simon Vu
Schnitt: Frie­de­ri­ke Hohmuth
mit: Ben­ja­min Rad­jai­pour, Banaf­s­he Hour­mazdi, Eidin Jalali 


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Futur Drei (Trai­ler) from Salz­ge­ber & Co. Medi­en GmbH on Vimeo.

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