A film by Visar Morina.

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First, there’s a dead rat han­ging on the door of the house whe­re Xha­fer lives with his wife and child­ren. Then the emails he sends are ‘acci­dent­al­ly’ no lon­ger being recei­ved. The signs that this phar­maceu­ti­cal engi­neer is being bul­lied and haras­sed in his work­place are incre­a­sing. Even if neit­her his wife nor his col­leagues seem to belie­ve him, this man, who is ori­gi­nal­ly from Koso­vo but who has been well inte­gra­ted for years, feels more and more out­cast from his (Ger­man) com­mu­ni­ty. Or is he losing touch with reality?
In his second fea­ture-length film, direc­tor Visar Mori­na dis­sects the psy­cho­lo­gi­cal effects of social exclu­si­on and pres­ents them here as an inter­play bet­ween belon­ging and alie­na­ti­on. Mori­na com­bi­nes sub­t­le images that gra­du­al­ly shift accord­ing to his protagonist’s sta­te with meti­cu­lous per­for­man­ces from his ensem­ble, to descri­be the impor­t­ance of per­so­na­li­ty when it comes to inte­gra­ting into ano­t­her socie­ty, and how quick­ly cracks can deve­lop in the sup­po­sed­ly firm con­struct that is identity.


Deutsch­land / Bel­gi­en / Koso­vo 2020, 121 Min., deutsch, alba­ni­sche Om
Regie: Visar Morina

Kame­ra: Matteo Cocco
Mon­ta­ge: Lau­ra Lau­ze­mis, Hans­jörg Weiß­brich, Visar Morina
mit Mišel Matiče­vić, San­dra Hül­ler, Rai­ner Bock, Tho­mas Mraz


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