Ein Licht zwischen den Wolken

A film by Robert Budi­na. In Alba­ni­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Bes­nik is a lonely she­pherd and devo­ted Mus­lim, haun­ted by unful­fil­led love. He is the son of a Catho­lic mother and form­er­ly Com­mu­nist father whom he takes care of in an Alba­ni­an vil­la­ge in the moun­tains. Up here, Chris­ti­ans and Mus­lims have found a way to co-exist peace­ful­ly. Even after the dis­co­very that the old mos­que used to be a church and that the buil­ding was actual­ly shared by the two reli­gi­ons in the past, the calm of dai­ly life can be pre­ser­ved – with Besnik’s help. After the death of his father, howe­ver, drastic chan­ges threa­ten Besnik’s mul­ti-faith fami­ly and the she­pherd is for­ced to seek his own path.


Streha mes reve
AL 2018, 84 Min., alban. OmU
Regie und Buch: Robert Budi­na
Kame­ra: Mari­us Pan­d­uru
Schnitt: Ște­fan Tatu 
mit: Arben Bajrakt­araj, Ese­la Pys­qy­li, Irena Caha­ni, Bru­no Shl­la­ku, Osman Ahme­ti, Muz­bai­din Qami­li, Hel­ga Bosh­n­ja­ku, Sue­la Bako, Rubin Bosh­n­ja­ku


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A SHELTER AMONG THE CLOUDS – Trai­ler from Plu­to Film on Vimeo.

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