Die Welt sehen

A film by Muri­el and Del­phi­ne Coulin. In frensh with ger­man sub­tit­les.

At the end of their tour of duty in Afgha­ni­stan, two young mili­ta­ry
women, Auro­re and Mari­ne, are given three days of »decom­pres­si­on
lea­ve« with their unit at a five-star resort in cyprus. Here, among tou­rists,
they are trai­ned to lea­ve their vio­lent memo­ries behind. But it’s not that
easy to for­get the war.

»What do you see when you go to war? Not­hing. First of all, becau­se the
moments of inac­tion at the camp are nume­rous. Second­ly, becau­se when
the figh­t­ing actual­ly hap­pens you don’t see a thing – you fight for your life.
Final­ly becau­se ever­yo­ne sees what hap­pen­ed from their own per­spec­tive,
which is a par­ti­al view of rea­li­ty. During the decom­pres­si­on peri­od, Auro­re
and Mari­ne par­ti­ci­pa­te in debrie­fing ses­si­ons that are going to make them
think dif­fer­ent­ly about what they saw. The psy­cho­lo­gists use vir­tu­al rea­li­ty
video tools to recrea­te images in real time that cor­re­spond to the sol­di­ers’
nar­ra­ti­ve. The goal is for the sol­di­ers to distan­ce them­sel­ves from their
pain­ful memo­ries through words and images. (…) It is impos­si­ble – and
perhaps not real­ly desi­ra­ble – to for­get war, the­se wars, whe­ther we have
par­ti­ci­pa­ted from near or afar. We are remin­ded of this every day. The
Sto­po­ver addres­ses this issue: How can we mana­ge to live despi­te having
expe­ri­en­ced such a vio­lent epi­so­de?«
Del­phi­ne and Muri­el Coulin

Fea­ture Film Award win­ner:
Dortmund|Cologne Inter­na­tio­nal Women’s Film Fes­ti­val 2017

Voir du pays
Frank­reich 2016, 102 Min., frz. OmU
Kame­ra: Jean-Lou­is Vial­ard, Benoît Dervaux
Schnitt: Lau­rence Bri­aud
Soko, Aria­ne Labed, Gin­ger Romàn, Karim Leklou, Andre­as

Trai­ler „Die Welt sehen” OmU from Peri­pher Film­ver­leih on Vimeo.

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