Die Einsiedler

A film by Ronny Trocker.  In german.

Albert grew up on a remo­te farm in South Tyrol. On the urging of his mother, who wan­ted to spa­re her son the loneli­ne­ss of moun­tain life, he left the farm a few years ago and moved into the val­ley, whe­re he works in a marb­le quar­ry. The intro­ver­ted young man does­n’t make fri­ends easi­ly and has to learn to live in urban socie­ty. When his father has a fatal acci­dent, his mother keeps it secret from her son becau­se she fears that would make him move back to the farm. But the old woman can­not mana­ge all the work on her own and, just as Albert is fin­ding his feet in the val­ley and has even fal­len in love, she tells him the truth. Albert is con­fron­ted with an exis­ten­ti­al decis­i­on for hims­elf and his mother. The film uses stun­ning pho­to­gra­phy to por­tray an archaic world in which humans and natu­re co-exist clo­se­ly together.

Österreich 2016, 100 Min.
Regie: Ronny Trocker
Kamera: Klemens Hufnagl
Schnitt: Julia Drack
mit: Andreas Lust, Ingrid Burkhard, Hannes Perkmann, Peter Mitterutzner, Oris Toth