Die Dohnal

a film by Sabine Derflinger. Starts July 29th at the fsk.

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There are films that sur­face at the very right time – or you dis­co­ver them at the very right moment in histo­ry (or in your own bio­gra­phy). Cinephiles know this kind of bliss of “being awa­ken­ed” by a film. DIE DOHNAL pro­vi­des exact­ly this kind of expe­ri­ence at a time of deep poli­ti­cal des­pair in Austria. Johanna Dohnal, who­se poli­ti­cal care­er spans three deca­des, was one of the very first expli­cit­ly femi­nist poli­ti­ci­ans in Europe. And out­spo­ken she was! She work­ed on a femi­nist pro­ject she hers­elf was hel­ping crea­te, at a time when the Social Democratic Party of Austria was still firm­ly roo­ted in Central-European-style machis­mo while main­tai­ning its role in the move­ment of non-ali­gned sta­tes in Europe. As a mem­ber of the Austrian socia­list govern­ment and the first Austrian minis­ter for Women’s Affairs from 1990 to 1994, Dohnal was respon­si­ble for foun­ding Austria’s first women’s refu­ge as well as cri­mi­na­li­zing of marital rape. Yet her lega­cy remains yet to be dis­co­ver­ed and re-exami­ned. DIE DOHNAL makes a first step, and it makes Dohnal come ali­ve. Which is a bliss in its own right. (Katja Wiederspahn)


AT 2019, 104 Min.,
Regie: Sabine Derflinger
Drehbuch: Sabine Derflinger
Kamera: Christine A. Maier, Eva Testor
Schnitt: Niki Mossböck
mit: Annemarie Aufreiter, Johanna-Helen Dohnal, Ingrid Dohnal, Sonja Ablinger, Ferdinand Lacina, Elfe Semotan, Trautl Brandstaller, Brigitte Ederer, Hanna Herbst, Julia Herr, Käthe Kratz, Alice Schwarzer.

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