Das Pfauenparadies

A film by Laura Bispuri. In Italian with German subtitles.

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One winter’s day, Nena gathers her fami­ly tog­e­ther to cele­bra­te her bir­th­day. Everyone is the­re: her hus­band Umberto, her son Vito and her daugh­ter Caterina with her cou­sin Isabella, her daugh­ter-in-law Adelina and her ex-son-in-law Manfredi with his new girl­fri­end Joana, her grand­d­augh­ter Alma, her maid Lucia with daugh­ter Grazia. And then the­re is Paco, Alma’s pea­cock. While ever­yo­ne waits for a lunch that will never be ser­ved, Paco beco­mes infa­tua­ted with a litt­le dove in a pain­ting. The tra­ge­dy inher­ent in the impos­si­bi­li­ty of this love distres­ses the who­le fami­ly. All of the guests are impel­led to think about their true fee­lings, about what remains and what is gone forever.


Il paradi­so del pavo­ne
DE/IT 2021, 89 Min., ital. OmU
Regie: Laura Bispuri
Kamera: Vladan Radovic
Schnitt: Carlotta Cristiani, Jacopo Quadri
mit: Dominique Sanda, Maddalena Crippa, Carlo Cerciello, Alba Rohrwacher, Fabrizio Ferracane, Maya Sansa

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