Das letzte Geschenk

A film by Pablo Solarz.In Spa­nish with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Memo­ry is like a suit that’s con­stant­ly being repai­red. Some threads may beco­me lost in the pro­cess, but Abra­ham, a grum­py, smart 88-year-old tailor, still remem­bers some things, such as an old pro­mi­se. He sets off on an adven­tur­ous jour­ney from Bue­nos Aires to Poland, to take a suit to an old friend who, 70 years pri­or, had saved his life during the Holo­caust. On pla­nes, trains, and in cars, Abra­ham meets peop­le who­se lives have been patched up. When he reaches Ger­ma­ny, a coun­try he never wan­ted to set foot in again, his jour­ney con­ti­nues into the past. This film, at times amu­sing, at times melan­cho­ly, is tailor-made for its audi­ence.


El últi­mo tra­je
AR/ES 2017, 93 Min., span. OmU

Regie und Buch: Pablo Solarz
Kame­ra: Juan Car­los Gómez
Schnitt: Anto­nio Frut­os
mit: Miguel Ángel Solá, Ánge­la Moli­na, Julia Beer­hold, Nata­lia Ver­be­ke, Olga Boladz, Mar­tín Piroyan­sky, Jan May­zel