Congo calling

A film by Ste­phan Hil­bert.

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In cri­sis-rid­den eas­tern Con­go, one of the poo­rest regi­ons on earth, three Europeans are forced to ques­ti­on what it means to help. Raul, a French-Spa­nish eco­no­mist, rea­li­zes that his pro­ject funds are lea­ding his Con­go­le­se col­leagues into gre­at temptati­on, put­ting their stu­dy on rebel groups at risk of fai­ling. Peter, from Ger­ma­ny, is struggling to pre­ser­ve his iden­ti­ty as an aid worker when he reaches reti­re­ment age after 30 years in Afri­ca. And the rela­ti­ons­hip of the young Bel­gi­an Anne-Lau­re is put to the test when her Con­go­le­se boy­fri­end, after a stay in pri­son, beco­mes a high-pro­fi­le regime cri­tic. Deeply per­so­nal insights into coexis­tence and coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween Euro­pe and Afri­ca – and the ques­ti­on: how hel­pful is the help of the West?


DE 2019, 90 Min., OmU
Regie: Ste­phan Hil­bert
Kame­ra: Dani­el Samer
Schnitt: Miri­am Märk 


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