Carmine Street Guitars

A film by Ron Mann. In English with German subtitles.

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Once the cen­ter of the New York bohe­mia, Greenwich Village is now home to lux restau­rants, and buz­zer door clot­hing stores cate­ring to the nou­veau riche. But one shop in the heart of the Village remains resi­li­ent to the encroa­ching gen­tri­fi­ca­ti­on: Carmine Street Guitars.

There, cus­tom gui­tar maker Rick Kelly and his young app­ren­ti­ce Cindy Hulej, build hand­craf­ted gui­tars out of reclai­med wood from old hotels, bars, churches and other local buil­dings. Nothing looks or sounds quite like a Rick Kelly gui­tar, which is the reason they are embra­ced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Jim Jarmusch, just to name a few.

Featuring a cast of pro­mi­nent musi­ci­ans and artists, and some vir­tuo­so per­for­man­ces, the film cap­tures five days in the life of one shop in the heart of Greenwich Village that remains resi­li­ent to the all-too-quick­ly vanis­hing way of life.

This film is dedi­ca­ted to Jonathan Demme.



USA 2018, 81 Min., engl. OmU
Regie: Ron Mann
Buch: Len Blum
Kamera: Becky Parsons, John M. Tran
Schnitt: Robert Kennedy 


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Carmine Street Guitars (2018) Trailer, OmU