Berlin Excelsior

A film by Erik Lemke. In German.

[Credits] [Termine] [Trailer]

A num­ber of deco­ra­ti­ve boards care­less­ly atta­ched to the pale front of a dull con­cre­te apart­ment block – the Excelsior buil­ding, Berlin. For most of its inha­bi­tants this is just a sto­po­ver, very soon, life is going to get bet­ter, and ever­yo­ne is try­ing to find their own way: 49 year old Michael tri­es to live up to his for­mer suc­cess as an escort by pro­mo­ting the appli­ca­ti­on of „invi­si­ble make-up” online. Claudia’s show­girl days are over, but the pho­tos of a shoo­ting ses­si­on are to smooth her way back to the stage any­way. Norman’s start­up „ChangeU” is desi­gned to help peo­p­le get hap­py and hims­elf get a sleek new sports car…
Hardly anyo­ne of them mana­ges to eva­de fal­ling vic­tim to the tempt­a­ti­ons of our suc­cess-ori­en­ted society.

DE 2017, 87 Minuten,
Regie/Schnitt: Erik Lemke
Buch: Erik Lemke & André Krummel
Bildgestaltung: André Krummel 


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