Back to the Fatherland

A film by Kat Roh­rer & Gil Leva­non.

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Gil and Kat, friends sin­ce their time at a col­le­ge. Gil is from Isra­el, Kat from Aus­tria. Gil is the grand­d­augh­ter of Holo­caust sur­vi­vors, Kat the grand­d­augh­ter of a Nazi offi­cer. Des­pi­te the­se sub­stan­ti­al dif­fe­ren­ces they have been friends for over10 years. Through them we meet Dan and Guy who’s decisi­on to move to Aus­tria and Ger­ma­ny has affec­ted their rela­ti­ons­hip with their grand­par­ents and fami­lies. The film deals with third-genera­ti­on on both sides and its attempts to build their own future without igno­ring the past.

AT, IL, DE, US 2017, 75 Min.,
OV (English/Hebrew) with Ger­man Sub­tit­les (only Ger­man dia­lo­gue will have additional
eng­lish subtitles)
Regie: Kat Roh­rer & Gil Levanon
Kame­ra: Tho­mas Marschall
Schnitt: Georg Eggenfellner


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Back To The Father­land – Offi­cal Trai­ler from Kat Roh­rer on Vimeo.