Alles gut

Alles Gut

For eight-year-old Dja­ner, his first day at school in Ham­burg seems like won­der­land. It’s class­ma­te Lena’s bir­th­day; she gets pres­ents and the who­le class sings for her. Dja­ner, a Roma from Mace­do­nia, has only known school as a place to fear a bea­ting and he’s speech­less. The trau­ma­tised young boy has migra­ted to Ham­burg with his bro­ther and mother; the fami­ly hopes to final­ly live in peace. Mean­while, 11-year-old Ghof­ran just wants to go home at first. She lis­tens to Ara­bic rap and, in her head, she still lives in Syria, while her father Adel is busy figh­t­ing for them to be able to stay in Ham­burg. At the school whe­re she’s lear­ning Ger­man, Ghof­ran meets other girls who are allo­wed to do ever­ything – wear make-up, swim … it’s a com­ple­te­ly new expe­ri­ence and initi­al­ly, she rejects it out of hand. With each day that pas­ses, Ghof­ran beco­mes more and more con­fi­dent and secu­re, while Dja­ner strug­gles with his pent-up rage.

D 2016, 95 Min.
Buch, Regie, Kame­ra und Ton: Pia Lenz
Mon­ta­ge: Ste­phan Haa­se
Musik: The Notwist