Wir sind dann wohl die Angehörigen

A film by Hans-Christian Schmid. In German.

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The sto­ry of a fami­ly in cri­sis: Hans-Christian Schmid’s film of the epony­mous auto­bio­gra­phi­cal novel by Johann Scheerer retells the kid­nap­ping of Jan Philipp Reemtsma for the first time from the point of view of the fami­ly. One mor­ning in 1996, the life of 13-year old Johann (Claude Heinrich) is tur­ned on its head. »We have to deal with an adven­ture« – with the­se words he is woken by his mother Ann Kathrin. »Jan Philipp has been kid­nap­ped«. With his father’s abduc­tion, for the first time in his life the teen­ager expe­ri­en­ces real fear – for 33 night­ma­rish days. The poli­ce turn the house into a hi-tech cri­sis cent­re and beco­me lodgers. The stran­ge house-share is roun­ded off by lawy­er Schwenn (Justus von Dohnányi), an old fami­ly fri­end, and Christian Schneider (Hans Löw), ano­ther fri­end with whom Johann gets on par­ti­cu­lar­ly well. While one ran­som han­do­ver after ano­ther fails, Johann and his mother are dis­tur­bed by his father’s des­pai­ring let­ters. And it beco­mes ever clea­rer that the life of Jan Philipp Reemstma will only be saved by working against the poli­ce strategy.


DE 2022, 119 Min.
Regie: Hans-Christian Schmid
Drehbuch: Michael Gutmann und Hans-Christian Schmid nach dem gleich­na­mi­gen Buch von Johann Scheerer
Kamera: Julian Krubasik
Schnitt: Hansjörg Weißbrich
mit: Claude Heinrich
Adina Vetter
Justus von Dohnányi
Hans Löw
Yorck Dippe
Enno Trebs
Philipp Hauß
Fabian Hinrichs

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