Warten auf Schwalben

A film by Karim Moussaoui. In Arabic with German subtitles.

Algeria today. Past and pre­sent col­li­de in the lives of a new­ly wealt­hy pro­per­ty deve­lo­per, a young woman torn bet­ween the path of rea­son and sen­ti­ment and an ambi­tious neu­ro­lo­gist impe­ded by war­ti­me wrong­doings. Three sto­ries that plun­ge us into the human soul of a con­tem­pora­ry Arab society.
“Some of the best sce­nes lie in this midd­le sec­tion, which at times recalls Abbas Kiarostami’s THROUGH THE OLIVE TREES, with two young peop­le who, des­pi­te their mutu­al attrac­tion, keep repel­ling each other like magnets as they wan­der along the win­ding roads of the desert. In one standout moment, Djalil and Aicha escape into an empty bar, whe­re the lat­ter per­forms a mar­ve­lous dance for an audi­ence of one. And later on, their pivo­tal meet-up gets hija­cked by a mar­ching band, as if the famous entr’acte from Leo Carax’s HOLY MOTORS found its way into the Algerian back­lands.” (Jordan Mintzer)


En atten­dant les hirondelles

Frankreich, Deutschland, Algerien, Katar 2017, 113 Min., arab. OmU
Regie: Karim Moussaoui
Kamera: David Chambille
Schnitt: Thomas Marchand
mit: Mohamed Djouhri, Sonia Mekkiou, Hania Amar, Mehdi Ramdani, Chawki Amari, Saadia Gacem, Hassan Kachach, Nadia Kaci, Samir El Hakim, Aure Atika



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