A film by Alex­an­dra Bal­te­anu. In roma­ni­an with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Short moments and con­ver­sa­ti­ons pie­ce tog­e­ther the por­trait of three women’s working day. Lidia rai­ses pigeons and lives a mun­da­ne exis­tence with a hus­band and two child­ren. Denisa, the feis­tier of the three, wants to buy her freel­oa­der boy­fri­end a new pair of snea­kers. Vane­sa, the youn­gest, dreams of fin­ding the per­fect guy with green eyes. All three sha­re a work­place as sex-workers under a bridge on the high­way con­nec­ting Bucha­rest to the next city. In spi­te of their rival­ry, the three women try to make their time worthwhile by sharing food or spaw­ning sto­ries about their hardships and their loves. Besi­des the con­stant com­pe­ti­ti­on, they are also pres­su­red by the thre­at from the local poli­ce. Most days are punc­tua­ted by visits from the district poli­ce­men, who come to collect their ‚pocket money‘. The men enjoy play­ing a game of ‚cat and mou­se‘ with them and one day, such a visit takes an unex­pec­ted turn.

D 2016, 75. Min., rumän. OmU,
Regie & Dreh­buch: Alex­an­dra Bal­te­anu
Kame­ra: Matan Radin
Schnitt: Anto­nel­la Sarub­bi
mit: Cori­na Moi­se, Iulia Lumâ­na­re, Iulia Cio­chină, Ser­giu Cos­ta­che, Dra­goş Ola­ru