Typhoon Club

Typhoon Club

A film by Shinji Sōmai. In Japanese with German subtitles.

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Winner of the Grand Prix at the first Tokyo International Film Festival in 1985, Typhoon Club is wide­ly regard­ed as the semi­nal film of direc­tor Shinji Somai’s care­er. A work of raw, ele­men­tal power, it fol­lows an ensem­ble of juni­or high stu­dents in a pro­vin­cial town, beset by a summer‑y malai­se as a typho­on looms in the air. When the storm makes land­fall, the teens hole up in their school unsu­per­vi­sed, while ano­ther class­ma­te (Yuki Kudo) dis­ap­pears alo­ne on a har­ro­wing trek to the big city. Set adrift in a world sud­den­ly unmoo­red, the stu­dents let loo­se their pent-up angst and bur­geo­ning pas­si­ons in a series of pro­pul­si­ve, phan­tas­mic scenes—part apo­ca­lyp­se, part utopia—as the delu­ge rages on into the night.
Observed in dar­ing long takes, direc­tor Somai gives mate­ri­al form to the stu­dents’ tur­bu­lent inner lives. When day breaks and the rains let up, the youngs­ters open their eyes to a world in ruins—or a world rene­wed. The 10th best Japanese film of all time, accor­ding to Japan’s Kinema Junpo poll.


JP 1985, 115 Min., japan. OmU
Regie: Shinji Sōmai
Kamera: Akihiro Ito
Schnitt: Isao Tomita
mit: Yuichi Mikami, Yūki Kudō, Tomokazu Miura

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