Total Trust

Total Trust

A film by Jialing Zhang.In Mandarin with German subtitles.

A deep­ly dis­tur­bing sto­ry about tech­no­lo­gy, the misu­se of power and (self-)censorship which makes tan­gi­ble the thre­at to indi­vi­du­al free­dom and human rights. In China, indi­vi­du­al free­dom is rest­ric­ted by an all-encom­pas­sing sur­veil­lan­ce sys­tem, big data and intel­li­gent tech­no­lo­gies. Be it at work, on the street or in one’s own four walls – access by the sta­te can­not be avo­ided. The film fol­lows tho­se who dare to defy the total con­trol of the omni­pre­sent sta­te. It accom­pa­nies Chen, Li and Sophia, who pur­sue an exis­ten­ti­al fight for free­dom and jus­ti­ce in the midst of this spider’s web of surveillance.


DE/NL 2023, 97 Min., Mandarin OmU
Regie: Jialing Zhang
Kamera: Cuier (Anonymous), RCS (Anonymous), J.V. Chi (Anonymous)
Schnitt: Barbara Toennieshen, Claire Shen (Anonymous)

TOTAL TRUST – offi­zi­el­ler Kinotrailer – ab 05.10.2023 im Kino
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