The Gold Diggers (1983) + Performance: Confessions of am actress

A Film by Sal­ly Pot­ter fol­lo­wed by a Per­for­mance CONFESSIONS OF AN ACTRESS by Susan­ne Sachs­se. On Octo­ber 23rd at the fsk. In Eng­lish.

The ground-brea­king first fea­ture from the direc­tor of ORLANDO and THE TANGO LESSON, THE GOLD DIGGERS is a key film of ear­ly Eigh­ties femi­nist cine­ma. Made with an all-woman crew, fea­turing stun­ning pho­to­gra­phy by Babet­te Magol­te and a score by Lind­say Coo­per it embraces a radi­cal and expe­ri­men­tal nar­ra­ti­ve struc­tu­re. Celes­te (Colet­te Laf­font) is a com­pu­ter clerk in a bank who beco­mes fasci­na­ted by the rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween gold and power. Ruby (Julie Chris­tie) is an enig­ma­tic film star in quest of her child­hood, her memo­ries and the truth about her own iden­ti­ty. As their paths cross they come to sen­se that the­re could be a link bet­ween the male strugg­le for eco­no­mic supre­ma­cy and the fema­le ide­al of mys­te­rious but impo­tent beau­ty.


GB 1983 82 Min. engl. OV • Regie: Sal­ly Pot­ter • Dreh­buch: Lind­say Coo­per, Rose Eng­lish, Sal­ly Pot­ter • Kame­ra: Babet­te Man­gol­te • Kos­tüm: Rose Eng­lish • Musik: Lind­say Coo­per • Mit: Julie Chris­tie, Col­let­te Laf­font


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