Talking Money

A film by Sebas­ti­an Win­kels. Starts March 28th at the fsk. In Ger­man.

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Tal­king Money is an obser­va­tio­nal docu­men­ta­ry shot at bank con­sul­ta­ti­on tables all over the world. Wea­ving sto­ries from eight coun­tries into one glo­bal money con­ver­sa­ti­on, it vir­tual­ly trans­forms the cine­ma into a bank. Pure­ly expe­ri­en­ti­al!

Who are we when we talk about money?

Inti­ma­te con­ver­sa­ti­ons in an imper­so­nal place: from Boli­via to Paki­stan, Benin to Switz­er­land, men and women sit down across from their neigh­bor­hood ban­kers to dis­cuss the inti­maci­es of their finan­cial lives. Far from the gla­mour of distant Wall Street, this is the rea­li­ty of per­so­nal ban­king, whe­re one’s life pro­blems are a mat­ter of busi­ness.

In fif­teen spon­ta­ne­ous­ly recor­ded encoun­ters, the bank table turns into a sta­ge for con­fes­si­ons and mas­querades, whe­re con­sul­tants and cli­ents try their best to look solid and trust­worthy. Filming ent­i­re­ly from the bank’s side of the table, Sebas­ti­an Win­kels offers the audi­ence a place in a bizar­re power play, explo­ring a com­pli­ca­ted rela­ti­on cal­led ’money’.

A mul­ti-voi­ced com­ment on capi­ta­lism that reve­als how the invi­si­ble power of money works on all of us, no mat­ter who and whe­re we are.


CH/DE 2017, 83 Min.,
Buch/Regie/Kamera: Sebas­ti­an Win­kels
Schnitt: Fre­de­rik Bösing


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