Sing Me a Song

a film by Thomas Balmès. Starts December 9th at the fsk. In Dzongkha with German subtitles.

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16-year-old Peyangki has lived as a monk in a monas­tery in the moun­ta­ins of Bhutan sin­ce ear­ly child­hood. His smart­phone is the con­nec­tion to the world, in it he has seen ever­y­thing – and he has fal­len in love. He met Nguen on WeChat, the Chinese face­book. For months, the two exch­an­ge mes­sa­ges day and night, Peyangki sings for her, she reve­als her wis­hes and hopes for the future. It is first, total love that chan­ges ever­y­thing and turns the life of a teen­ager upsi­de down.

He for­got that he wan­ted to make money; for­got that he wan­ted to return from the monas­tery to his fami­ly. Now he wants to go to town, and meet Nguen – becau­se so far they’­ve only met vir­tual­ly. „Sing Me a Song” will accom­pa­ny the young monk on his jour­ney to the capi­tal and his first mee­ting with Nguen.


FR/DE/CH 2019, 90 Min., Dzongkha OmU,
Regie & Kamera: Thomas Balmès,
Schnitt: Alex Cardon, Ronan Sinquin

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