Mr. Long

A film by Sabu. In Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese with ger­man subtitles.

The maverick direc­tor Sabu has made a hit­man fable tha­t’s like Charlie Chaplin meets Takeshi Miike. The weird thing is, it works.“  Variety

Professional hit­man Long takes on an assign­ment in Japan. When things go awry, he has to flee. Badly inju­red, he takes refu­ge in a deser­ted part of a small town. A young boy brings him water and clot­hing. Long installs hims­elf in one of the dila­pi­da­ted hou­ses whe­re he pre­pa­res simp­le meals for the eight-year-old Jun. Jun’s mother Lily is a drug addict and, like Long, comes from Taiwan. The news of Long’s tasty coo­king quick­ly spreads throug­hout the neigh­bour­hood, and Long’s neigh­bours orga­ni­se a mobi­le food stall for him. Soon, peo­p­le are queu­ing up for Long’s nood­le soup. Lily mana­ges to kick her habit with Long’s help and, for a while, it looks as though this could mark the begin­ning of a new life for this com­mu­ni­ty which fate has thrown together.
The search for a way out of a spi­ral of vio­lence, for a quiet life and emo­tio­nal secu­ri­ty are topics that per­va­de Japanese direc­tor Sabu’s oeu­vre. Seamlessly strin­ging tog­e­ther the rug­ged ver­na­cu­lar of gangs­ter films with the ten­der moments of a bur­geo­ning love sto­ry, his new work com­bi­nes per­fect­ly cho­reo­gra­phed out­breaks of vio­lence with con­tem­pla­ti­ve coo­king sce­nes and sur­pri­sing moments of slap­stick comedy.

Japan/Hongkong/ Taiwan/D 2017, 129 Min. Mandarin, Japanisch, Taiwanesisch mit dt. Untertiteln
Regie & Buch: Sabu 

Kamera: Koichi Furuya 
Schnitt: Georg Petzold 
mit:.: Chen Chang, Yiti Yao, Runyin Bai