Monster im Kopf

A film by Christina Ebelt. In German.

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Sandra is impul­si­ve. Sandra is in jail. Sandra is also pregnant. A cine­ma­tic tour de force with a fan­ta­sti­cal­ly ira­te protagonist.

Far along in her pregnan­cy, Sandra is ada­mant that her child remain with her after it is born, even though she is ser­ving a pri­son sen­tence. The social worker and the youth wel­fa­re office are skep­ti­cal about whe­ther she in a con­di­ti­on to rai­se the child. They fear that if Sandra is sub­jec­ted to stress, she will revert to her old pat­tern of beha­vi­or and lose her com­po­sure. Only through flash­backs cle­ver­ly woven into the nar­ra­ti­ve do we learn how ever­y­thing could have come to this.


DE 2023, 94 Min.
Regie: Christina Ebelt
Kamera: Bernhard Keller
Schnitt: Florian Riedel
mit Franziska Hartmann, Slavko Popadić, Martina Eitner-Acheampong

MONSTER IM KOPF – Offizieller Trailer
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