Menschliche Dinge

A film by Yvan Attal. In French with German subtitles. 

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The Farels are a power cou­ple: Jean is a pro­mi­nent French pun­dit and his wife Claire an essay­ist known for her radi­cal femi­nism. Together they have a model son, Alexandre, who is a stu­dent at a pres­ti­gious American uni­ver­si­ty.
During a brief visit to Paris, Alexandre meets Mila, the daugh­ter of his mother’s new part­ner, and invi­tes her to a par­ty.
The next day, Mila files a com­plaint against Alexandre for rape, des­troy­ing fami­ly harm­o­ny and set­ting in moti­on an inex­tri­ca­ble media-judi­cial machi­ne that posits oppo­sing truths.


Les cho­ses humain­es
FR 2021, 138 Min., frz. OmU
Regie: Yvan Attal
Kamera: Rémy Chevrin
Schnitt: Albertine Lastera
Mit: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ben Attal, Pierre Arditi

MENSCHLICHE DINGE – Trailer OmU German | Deutsch
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