Mein Leben als Zucchini

A film by Clau­de Barras.

Ica­re, nick­na­med ‘Cour­get­te‘, has to live in a home after acci­dent­al­ly kil­ling his mother. The other child­ren the­re come from simi­lar­ly dif­fi­cult fami­lies and he soon makes friends. Bra­ve Camil­le espe­cial­ly cat­ches his eye. The swee­test film about such a dark sub­ject that you have seen in a while.


Ma vie de Cour­get­te
F/CH 2016 66 Min. dt, OmU

R.: Clau­de Barras
B.: Celi­ne Sciam­ma
K.: David Tou­te­voix
S.: Valen­tin Rotel­li