Letzte Tage in Havanna

A film by Fer­nan­do Pérez. In spa­nish with ger­man subtitles.

Die­go and Miguel are both in their mid-for­ties. They are living in a dila­pi­da­ted apart­ment in cen­tral Hava­na without run­ning water or any modern amen­ities. Miguel earns his money washing dis­hes in a pri­va­te­ly run restau­rant; he, his fami­ly and neigh­bours also care for Die­go, who is bedrid­den on account of his HIV infec­tion. While Die­go tri­es to main­tain his joie de viv­re, Miguel beco­mes incre­a­singly with­drawn. Only the two of them know about Miguel’s secret: he is plan­ning to emi­gra­te to the USA and is just wai­t­ing for his visa. When Diego’s con­di­ti­on dete­rio­ra­tes he is for­ced to go into hos­pi­tal and lea­ves his room to his nie­ce Yusi. When Miguel’s visa final­ly arri­ves it’s time for some sur­pri­sing decisi­ons – and not just for him. Wri­ter, docu­men­ta­ry filmma­ker and direc­tor Fer­nan­do Pérez has based his screen­play on the lives of the inha­bi­tants of a tene­ment buil­ding. The resul­ting film pres­ents a vibrant kalei­do­scope of emo­ti­ons. Unfol­ding in tran­quil images, this sto­ry of an unusu­al friendship also pro­vi­des an insight into a cul­tu­re in tran­si­ti­on that requi­res con­stant fle­xi­bi­li­ty and incredi­ble opti­mism. A decla­ra­ti­on of love to the Cuban capi­tal and its inhabitants.

Últi­mos días en la Habana
Kuba / Spa­ni­en 2016, 93 Min., span. OmU
Regie: Fer­nan­do Pérez
Buch: Fer­nan­do Pérez, Abel Rodríguez
Kame­ra: Raúl Pérez Ureta
Schnitt: Rodol­fo Barros
Jor­ge Mar­tí­nez (Die­go)
Patri­cio Wood (Miguel)
Gabrie­la Ramos (Yusi)
Cris­ti­an Jesús Pérez (P4)
Cora­lia Veloz (Cla­ra)
Car­men Solar (Fefa)
Yai­le­ne Sier­ra (Miri­am)
Ana Glo­ria Buduén (Poli­zis­tin)