La Flor

A film by Mariano Llinás.  In seve­ral lan­guages with German subtitles.

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A film that pays tri­bu­te to the histo­ry of cine­ma, via six epi­so­des inspi­red by the dif­fe­rent forms of cine­ma­tic art. Each epi­so­de has a gen­re. The first epi­so­de could be regard­ed as a B movie, the kind that Americans used to shoot with their eyes clo­sed and now just can’t shoot any­mo­re. The second epi­so­de is a sort of musi­cal with a touch of mys­tery. The third epi­so­de is a spy movie. The fourth epi­so­de is dif­fi­cult to descri­be. The fifth one is inspi­red by an old French film. The last one is about some cap­ti­ve women in the 19th cen­tu­ry who return from the desert, from the Indians, after many years.


AR 2018,  808 Min.,  (Akt 1: 167 Min., Akt 2: 59 Min., Akt 3: 106 Min., Akt 4: 112 Min., Akt 5: 126 Min., Akt 6: 99 Min., Akt 7: 117 Min., Akt 8: 107 Min.), Spanisch/Französisch/Englisch/Russisch/Deutsch/Schwedisch/Italienische OmU,
Regie: Mariano Llinás
Kamera: Agustín Mendilaharzu
Schnitt: Alejo Moguillansky, Agustín Rolandelli

mit Elisa Carricajo, Pilar Gamboa, Valeria Correa, Laura Paredes


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