Komm mit mir in das Cinema – Die Gregors

A film by Alice Agneskirchner. In German.

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The title refers to the epony­mous 1937 poem by Else Lasker-Schüler, in which the poet wri­tes that “what once was: love” can be found at the cine­ma. Two deca­des on from this, it was a love of cine­ma that brought tog­e­ther two peo­p­le who signi­fi­cant­ly expan­ded – today one might say, diver­si­fied – the film histo­ry of post-war Germany, encom­pas­sing both the way films are view­ed as well as the dis­cour­se sur­roun­ding the medi­um: Erika and Ulrich Gregor.
Alice Agneskirchner’s docu­men­ta­ry fol­lows various paths to get right up clo­se to the foun­ders of Arsenal and the International Forum of New Cinema: on the one hand via the eventful life of the cou­ple, who have been mar­ried for over 60 years; on the other via tho­se who have accom­pa­nied them along the way, inclu­ding such pro­mi­nent figu­res as Jutta Brückner, Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch. The films of which the Gregors are par­ti­cu­lar­ly fond and to which they gave their full back­ing are also cen­tral, as the duo beco­mes reac­quain­ted with Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah, István Szabó’s Apa and Helke Sander’s Die all­sei­tig redu­zier­te Persönlichkeit – Redupers. This is not only a film about love and cine­ma but also a pie­ce of West German history.


DE 2021, 155 Min.
Regie & Buch: Alice Agneskirchner
Kamera: Jan Kerhart
Schnitt: Silke Botsch
mit Erika Gregor, Ulrich Gregor

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