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Körper und Seele

A film by Ildi­kó Eny­edi. In hun­ga­ri­an with ger­man sub­tit­les.

Win­ner: Gol­den Baer – Ber­li­na­le 2017.

A slaugh­ter­house in Buda­pest is the set­ting of a stran­ge­ly beau­ti­ful love sto­ry. No soo­ner does Mária start work as the new qua­li­ty con­trol­ler than the whis­pers begin. At lunch the young woman always choo­ses a table on her own in the ste­ri­le can­te­en whe­re she sits in silence. She takes her job serious­ly and adhe­res strict­ly to the rules, deduc­ting penal­ty points for every exces­si­ve oun­ce of fat. Hers is a world that con­sists of figu­res and data that have imprin­ted them­sel­ves on her memo­ry sin­ce ear­ly child­hood. Her slight­ly older boss End­re is also the quiet type. Ten­ta­tively, they begin to get to know each other. Reco­gnis­ing their spi­ri­tu­al kin­ship, they are ama­zed to dis­co­ver that they even have the same dreams at night. Care­ful­ly, they attempt to make them come true. This sto­ry of two peop­le dis­co­vering the realm of emo­ti­ons and phy­si­cal desi­re, at first indi­vi­du­al­ly and then tog­e­ther, is ten­der­ly told by direc­tor Ildi­kó Eny­edi, but in a way that also exu­des sub­t­le humour. A film about the fears and inhi­bi­ti­ons asso­cia­ted with ope­ning up to others, and about how exhilara­ting it can be when you final­ly do.

Test­ről és léle­kről
Ungarn 2017, unga­ri­sche OmU, 116 Min.

Regie, Buch: Ildi­kó Eny­edi
Kame­ra: Máté Her­bai
Schnitt: Káro­ly Sza­lai

Alex­an­dra Bor­bé­ly (Mária)
Géza Morcsá­nyi (End­re)
Réka Ten­ki (Klá­ra)
Zol­tán Schnei­der (Jenő)
Ervin Nagy (Sán­dor)
Ita­la Békés (Zsóka, Putz­frau)
Éva Bata (Jenős Frau)
Pál Mác­sai (Detek­tiv)
Zsuz­sa Járó (Zsuz­sa)
Nóra Rai­ner-Micsi­nyei (Sári, Arbei­te­rin im Schlacht­haus)