A film by Hen­ri­ka Kull. In Ger­man.

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At a par­ty, Maryam and Jibril exchan­ge glan­ces. Years later, Maryam hap­pens to meet the same young man again when she is asked to deli­ver a par­cel to someo­ne in pri­son. The reci­pi­ent is none other than Jibril, who is ser­ving a sen­tence of several years. The attrac­tion bet­ween this sin­gle mother-of-three and the inma­te is just as strong as it was when they first met. Maryam plun­ges enthu­si­asti­cal­ly into an initi­al­ly lar­ge­ly pla­to­nic romance, which on the one hand may satisfy cer­tain lon­gings on both sides, yet on the other also awa­kens desi­re. But having a rela­ti­ons­hip with someo­ne who isn’t the­re and who does­n’t par­ti­ci­pa­te in her life, and who she can’t even real­ly get to know, is a chal­len­ge for Maryam. Jibril too finds his situa­ti­on as a pri­so­ner incre­a­singly dif­fi­cult to bear.
Hen­ri­ka Kull sta­ges the inti­ma­te sce­nes of her first dra­ma­tic fea­ture in impres­si­ve­ly natu­ra­listic clo­se-ups and, uti­li­sing the par­ti­cu­lar situa­ti­on of her two prot­ago­nists, rai­ses a big ques­ti­on: when exact­ly do you real­ly know someo­ne – or do you just fall in love with your dream of being in love?



DE 2018, 83 Min.,
Regie, Buch, Schnitt: Hen­ri­ka Kull
Kame­ra: Caro­li­na Stein­bre­cher
mit: Sus­a­na Abdul­ma­jid Malik Adan ( Doua Rahal Emna El-Aouni Regi­na Schul­te am Hül­se


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