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Isadoras Kinder

A film by  Dami­en Mani­vel. In French with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Fol­lowing the death of her two child­ren, Isa­do­ra Dun­can crea­ted the solo Mother in which a mother crad­les her child in a moment of extre­me ten­der­ness, then lets it go. A cen­tu­ry later, four women encoun­ter this heart-ren­ding dance.

Mani­vel hadn’t made a film spe­ci­fi­cal­ly about dance befo­re, though this art he long prac­ti­ced lent all his pre­vious films their pre­cisi­on and rigor. Isadora’s Child­ren should the­re­fo­re be seen as the sum­ma­ti­on of a visi­on, that of a cine­ma that devo­tes infi­ni­te atten­ti­on to the tenuous folds of emo­ti­on and beau­ty.” Antoi­ne Thi­r­i­on



Frank­reich, Korea 2019,  84 Min., frz.OmU
Regie: Dami­en Mani­vel
Kame­ra:  Noé Bach
Schnitt: Dou­nia Sichov
mit:Agathe Bonit­zer, Manon Car­pen­tier, Mari­ka Riz­zi, Elsa Wol­lias­ton


ISADORAS KINDER, offi­zi­el­ler Trai­ler from eksys­tent dis­tri­bu­ti­on on Vimeo.


nach oben