Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Leben

A film by Ounie Lecomte, In french with ger­man subtitles.

Elisa, phy­sio­the­ra­pist, went to live with her young son, Noé, in Dunkirk, the town whe­re she was born under X. A few months ear­lier, she began rese­ar­ching her bio­lo­gi­cal mother, but the woman refu­sed to reve­al her iden­ti­ty. In search of an unknown mother, her past and their histo­ry, Elisa did not give up and wants to under­stand as luck will chan­ge their expectations …

Je vous sou­hai­te d’êt­re fol­le­ment aimée
Frankreich 2015, frz. OmU,  100 Min.

Regie: Ounie Lecomte
Buch: Ounie Lecomte, Agnès de Sacy
Kamera: Caroline Champetier
Darsteller: Céline Sallette, Anne Benoit, Elyes Aguis, Françoise Lebrun, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Pascal Elso, Micha Lescot, Catherine Mouchet