Helke Sander: Aufräumen

A film by Claudia Richarz. In German.

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The film sees Helke Sander, poli­ti­cal acti­vist and film-maker, having a clear-out, straigh­tening things out, remem­be­ring, and pre­sen­ting hers­elf and her artis­tic work in front of the came­ra. She remains a com­ba­ti­ve spi­rit who provokes—a thread that has run through her life and does so in this film too. When Willy Brandt spo­ke at the ope­ning of the German Film and Television Academy in 1966, Helke Sander was one of the first-year stu­dents to use films as a means of action and agi­ta­ti­on. Sander has been a pro­mi­nent figu­re in the public eye, at least sin­ce her »Tomato Speech« in 1968 in front of the Socialist German Student League (SDS) and has amas­sed a vast oeu­vre over the deca­des. Claudia Richarz is thus able to draw on a wealth of archi­ve mate­ri­al in her mon­ta­ge of the lega­cy of the second women’s movement.


GB 2023, 101 Min.,
Regie: Claudia Richarz
Kamera: Claudia Richarz, Martin Gressmann, Volker Sattel
Schnitt: Martin Kayser-Landwehr, Magdolna Rokob

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