Global Family

A film by Andre­as Köh­ler and Mela­nie Ander­nach, Starts June, 30th at the fsk.

Yas­min has lived an almost nor­mal life as a Ger­man ever sin­ce she was three years old. The fami­ly fled from Soma­lia during the civil war and now lives scat­te­red around the glo­be. When Yasmin’s grand­mo­ther no lon­ger wants to stay in her Ethio­pi­an exi­le, a trans­na­tio­nal fami­ly dra­ma evol­ves, cir­cling around the essen­ti­al ques­ti­on: Whe­re is Gran­ny to live? And sud­den­ly, the fami­ly con­fronts their own aspi­ra­ti­ons: Have they actual­ly arri­ved whe­re they want to be? GLOBAL FAMILY is a twist­ful docu­men­ta­ry about a trans­na­tio­nal fami­ly dra­ma, in which four genera­ti­ons of a refu­gee fami­ly each pur­sue their own dreams of fami­ly, home, and future.

Deutsch­land 2018,  91 Min., Dt., Som., Ital. mit dt. UT
Regie: Andre­as Köh­ler, Mela­nie Ander­nach
Kame­ra: Andre­as Köh­ler
Schnitt: Nico­le Kort­lü­ke, Cari­na Mer­gens


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