Farewell Halong

A film by Đức Ngô Ngọc. In viet­na­me­se with ger­man subtitles.

The 46-year old Nguyen Van Cuong is living with his fami­ly on a self-made cabin on a raft off­shore Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. For him life on the water is pret­ty nor­mal – sin­ce gene­ra­ti­ons his fami­ly sleeps, cooks and works here. But the idyll is decep­ti­ve. The govern­ment is plan­ning to relo­ca­te the swim­ming vil­la­ge ashore. Cuong is unde­ci­ded. He is hea­ding towards an uncer­tain future – ashore or offshore.

D 2016, 98 Min., viet­nam. OmU

Regie, Buch: Đức Ngô Ngọc
Kamera: Phạm Ngọc Lân
Montage: Gudrun Steinbrück, Tiến Đạt Nguyễ


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