Eine Sekunde

A film by Zhang Yimou. In Mandarin with German subtitles.

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A pri­soner is sent to a labor camp during China’s Cultural Revolution. Using his wit, sole­ly to watch a news­re­el con­tai­ning a glim­pse of his daugh­ter, he escapes and heads for the cine­ma in a local town whe­re he hopes to find the film. But on the way he comes across a young vagabond who runs away with the reel. Curiously, this enig­ma­tic object, which both covet, will beco­me the seed of an unex­pec­ted friendship.


Yi miao zhong
CN 2019, 103 Min., man­da­rin OmU
Regie: Zhang Yimou
Basierend auf dem Roman „The Criminal Lu Yanshi” von Yan Geling.
Schnitt: Yuan Du
Kamera: Zhao Xiaoding
mit: Zhang Yi, Liu Haocun, Fan We

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