Ein königlicher Tausch

A Film by  Marc Dugain. Starts Febru­a­ry 28th at the fsk. In French with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Peop­le come up with the cra­zi­est ide­as when they need to make peace bet­ween two coun­tries. In 1721, French regent Phil­ip­pe d’Orléans comes up with a grand stra­te­gy: Maria Anna Vic­to­ria, the four-year-old daugh­ter of the Spa­nish king, should mar­ry Philippe’s 11-year-old son, while Philippe’s daugh­ter, age 12, should mar­ry the Spa­nish heir to the thro­ne, age 14. The deal is made, and the wed­dings are plan­ned. The exchan­ge is to take place on an island bet­ween the two coun­tries. Wit­hout con­sul­ting the betro­thed, howe­ver, the­re is bound to be some emo­tio­nal tur­bu­lence.



L’échange des princes­ses
Frankreich/Belgien 2017, 100 min., frz. OmU
Regie: Marc Dugain
Kame­ra: Gil­les Por­te
Schnitt: Moni­ca Cole­man
Buch: Chan­tal Tho­mas & Marc Dugain, nach dem Roman von Chan­tal Tho­mas
mit: Lam­bert Wil­son, Ana­ma­ria Var­to­lom­ei, Oli­vi­er Gour­met, Cathe­ri­ne Mou­chet, Kacey Mot­tet Klein, Julia­ne Lepou­reau



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