Dil Leyla

A film by Asli Özarslan.

At 26, a Kur­dish-Ger­man woman is elec­ted the youn­gest mayor in Tur­key. In a record 81% lands­li­de she is elec­ted mayor of Ciz­re, a Kur­dish capi­tal city that lies in the war-torn regi­on at Turkey’s bor­der with Syria and Iraq. It is here that Ley­la was born, but after her father was kil­led by the Tur­kish mili­ta­ry, she was sent at the age of 5 to live in Ger­ma­ny. After more than 20 years, she returns home. Her goal is to heal and beau­ti­fy the civil-war-torn city, which is enjoy­ing a break in the vio­lence. But on the eve of Turkey’s par­lia­men­ta­ry elec­tions, ever­ything chan­ges, and old memo­ries beco­me more real than ever.


D 2016, 71 Min.
Regie: Asli Özarslan
Kame­ra: Cari­na Neubohn
Schnitt: Ana Branea