Die Zähmung der Bäume – Taming the Garden

a film by Salomé Jashi. In Gerogian with German subtitles.

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A powerful man, who is also the for­mer prime minis­ter of Georgia, has deve­lo­ped an exqui­si­te hob­by. He coll­ects cen­tu­ry old trees along Georgia’s coast­li­ne. He com­mis­si­ons his men to uproot them and bring them to his pri­va­te gar­den. Some of the­se trees are as tall as 15-flo­or-buil­dings. And in order to trans­plant a tree of such dimen­si­ons some other trees are chop­ped down, elec­tric cables are shifted and new roads are paved through man­da­rin plantations.

The film moves the con­cept of uproo­ting from its meta­pho­ri­cal mea­ning into an oppres­si­ve, tan­gi­ble and yet sur­re­al reality.


CH/DE/GE 2021, 92 Min., geor­gi­sche OmU
Regie und Buch: Salomé Jashi

Kamera: Goga Devdariani, Salomé Jashi
Schnitt: Chris Wrightenn

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