Der traumhafte Weg

Der traumhafte Weg

A film by Ange­la Scha­nelec.

Greece, 1984. Ken­neth, an Eng­lish­man, and The­res, a Ger­man girl, sing in the street to finan­ce their holi­days. They are in love, but when Ken­neth learns that his mother had an acci­dent, he has­ti­ly returns home, lea­ving The­res behind. Later, star­ting to rea­li­ze how much he needs her, he fails in his attempt to win her back.

30 years later in Ber­lin. Aria­ne, a 40-year-old TV actress, lea­ves her hus­band, a suc­cess­ful anthro­po­lo­gist, after a mar­i­tal cri­sis. After moving into an apart­ment near the main sta­ti­onn, the hus­band start seing a homeless man out­side his win­dow. It is Ken­neth, who does not know that The­res now also lives in Ber­lin.

D 2016, 87 Min.
Buch und Regie: Ange­la Scha­nelec
Bild­ge­stal­tung: Rein­hold Vor­schnei­der
Schnitt: Ange­la Scha­nelec, Maja Ten­n­stedt
Mit Miri­am Jakob The­res, Thorb­jörn Björns­son, Maren Eggert,
Phil Hayes, Ana­ya Zapp.

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