Der Ornithologe

A film by  João Pedro Rodrigues. In por­tu­ge­se with ger­man subtitles.

Fernando, a soli­ta­ry orni­tho­lo­gist, is loo­king for black storks, a spe­ci­es under thre­at, along a remo­te river in nor­t­hern Portugal, when he is swept away by the rapids. Rescued by a cou­ple of Chinese pil­grims on the road to Santiago de Compostela, he plun­ges into an eerie and dark forest, try­ing to get back on his track. But gra­du­al­ly, as he encoun­ters unex­pec­ted and uncan­ny obs­ta­cles and peo­p­le who put him to the test, Fernando is impel­led to extre­me actions which trans­form him. Little by litt­le, he beco­mes a dif­fe­rent man, inspi­red, mul­ti-face­ted and final­ly, total­ly enlightened.

O Ornitólogo,
Port./F/Bras. 2016, 118 Min., port. OmU,
Buch und Regie: João Pedro Rodrigues,
Kamera: Rui Pocas,
Schnitt: Raphaël Lefèvre,
mit: Paul Hamy, Han Wen, Chan Suan, Xelo Cagiao u.a.

Der Ornithologe – Trailer 1 – pt – UT Deutsch