Der Boden unter den Füßen

A film by Marie Kreut­zer. In Ger­man with Eng­lish sub­tit­les.

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Lola is almost thir­ty. A suc­cess­ful manage­ment con­sul­tant, she is con­stant­ly on the move bet­ween the com­pa­nies she is tas­ked with rest­ruc­tu­ring. Her chic apart­ment in Vien­na is more of a mail­box and a laun­de­ret­te than a home. A hund­red working hours a week is not uncom­mon in addi­ti­on to five ses­si­ons at the gym, expen­si­ve din­ners with cli­ents and nights spent in ste­ri­le hotels. Her care­er, which she is advan­cing with cle­ver­ness, effi­ci­en­cy and ruth­less cun­ning, appears to be unstopp­a­ble. She app­lies a simi­lar­ly disci­pli­ned approach when it comes to mana­ging her pri­va­te life. This means that nobo­dy is allo­wed to know about the exis­tence of her older sis­ter Con­ny, who has been suf­fe­ring from men­tal ill­ness for a long time and who never lea­ves her apart­ment. But when Con­ny attempts to com­mit sui­ci­de, Lola sear­ches for a way to be the­re for her.
Marie Kreutzer’s por­trait of the jet-set­ting Lola reve­als that the­re is some­ti­mes just a thin line sepa­ra­ting polar oppo­si­tes such as order and cha­os, rise and fall – even for someo­ne who thri­ves in a socie­ty fixa­ted on achie­ve­ment.



AT 2019, 108 Min.
Regie, Buch: Marie Kreut­zer
Kame­ra: Lee­na Kop­pe
Schnitt: Ulri­ke Kof­ler
mit:Valerie Pach­ner Pia Hier­zeg­ger Mavie Hör­bi­ger Michel­le Bart­hel


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