Das merkwürdige Kätzchen

A film by Ramon Zürcher.

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Sib­lings Karin and Simon are visi­t­ing their par­ents and their litt­le sis­ter Cla­ra. That evening, other rela­ti­ves will be joi­ning them for din­ner. Over the cour­se of the day, the washing machi­ne is repai­red, peop­le sit tog­e­ther at the kit­chen table, car­ry out an expe­ri­ment with oran­ge peel, talk about lungs, and sew on a but­ton that was deli­ber­ate­ly torn off.
This sequence of fami­ly sce­nes in a Ber­lin flat com­ple­te with cat and dog crea­tes a wond­rous world of the ever­y­day: Com­ing and going, all man­ner of doings, each move­ment lea­ding to the next, one word fol­lowing ano­t­her. It is a care­ful­ly sta­ged chain reac­tion of actions and sen­ten­ces. And in bet­ween, silent gazes and anec­do­tes about expe­ri­en­ces. The peop­le act oddly even-tem­pe­red­ly; their dia­lo­gues are direct and unemo­tio­nal. Even the pets and the mate­ri­al sur­roun­dings play a part. Some objects seem ali­ve as if by magic. Com­mon­place actions and fami­li­ar items appe­ar absurd and eerie in this nar­ra­ti­ve cos­mos. Put­ting the absur­di­ties of dai­ly life on dis­play and trans­la­ting unspec­ta­cu­lar events into an exci­ting cho­reo­gra­phy of ever­y­day life, this film is no small feat.


Deutsch­land 2013.
Regie, Buch, Schnitt: Ramon Zürcher

Kame­ra: Alex­an­der Haßkerl
Kos­tü­me: Doro­thée Bach
Ton: Ben­ja­min Kalisch
Musik: Thee More Shallows
Sze­nen­bild: Mat­thi­as Wer­ner, Sabi­ne Kassebaum
Mas­ke: Vivi­en Rahn
Her­stel­lungs­lei­tung: Myri­am Eichler
Pro­du­cer: Johan­na Ber­gel, Sil­van Zürcher

Pro­duk­ti­on: dffb, Ber­lin, in Kopro­duk­ti­on mit Ramon und Sil­van Zür­cher und Alex­an­der Haßkerl

Dar­stel­ler: Jen­ny Schi­ly (Mut­ter), Anjor­ka Stre­chel (Karin), Mia Kasa­lo (Cla­ra), Luk Pfaff (Simon), Mat­thi­as Ditt­mer (Vater), Armin Marew­ski (Schwa­ger), Leon Alan Bei­ers­dorf (Jonas), Sabi­ne Wer­ner (Tan­te), Kath-
leen Mor­ge­ney­er (Han­na), Moni­ka Het­ter­le (Groß­mutter), Gus­tav Körner
(Nach­bars­jun­ge), Lea Dra­e­ger (Frau auf Balkon)

For­mat: DCP, Far­be. Län­ge: 72 Minu­ten. Spra­che: Deutsch.
Urauf­füh­rung: 11. Febru­ar 2013, Forum der Berlinale


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