Asche ist reines Weiß

A film by Jia Zhang-Ke. Starts Febua­ry 28st at the fsk. In Chi­ne­se with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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Set in 2001, Ash Is Purest White is a fusi­on of inno­va­ti­on, enter­tain­ment, and soci­al cri­tique. Qiao (Zhao Tao) lives in a town tumb­ling into eco­no­mic decli­ne. She con­cerns herself litt­le with such mat­ters becau­se her boy­fri­end, Bin (Liao Fan), is a dashing gangs­ter who works for a cor­rupt pro­per­ty deve­lo­per. After his boss is mur­de­red, Bin ascends in rank and finds him­s­elf vul­nera­ble to rival hos­ti­li­ties. When Bin and Qiao are arrested, she makes a fate­ful decisi­on: she takes the heat. After five years in pri­son, she emer­ges to find her world has trans­for­med. Her for­mer mafia asso­cia­tes have moved into legi­ti­ma­te busi­nes­ses, while Bin has found ano­t­her moll. Qiao seeks reven­ge, but, more import­ant­ly, she sear­ches for a new iden­ti­ty in a chan­ging Chi­na — a search that will take her to Three Gor­ges Dam and toward a power­ful reve­la­ti­on.


CN/FR 2018, 141 Min., chin. OmU
Regie: Jia Zhang-Ke
Kame­ra: Eric Gau­tier
mit: Tao Zhao, Fan Liao, Zheng Xu, Cas­per Liang


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