Ana, mon Amour

A film by Călin Peter Netzer. In roma­ni­an with ger­man subtitles.

Toma and Ana meet at uni­ver­si­ty. A love affair beg­ins that is full of hopes and dreams and suf­fu­sed by the fee­ling that each needs the other in equal mea­su­re. Ana has a com­pli­ca­ted fami­ly back­ground and suf­fers from seve­re panic attacks. Middle-class Toma is as sho­cked as he is fasci­na­ted by the deep well of des­pair he encoun­ters in his bel­oved. Toma gives Ana his com­ple­te sup­port and takes her to see a string of doc­tors. At the same time the two begin to iso­la­te them­sel­ves from their fami­lies and fri­ends. Ana’s weak­ne­ss appears to make Toma stron­ger. When she falls pregnant, Ana embarks on a the­ra­py based on ana­ly­ti­cal psy­cho­ana­ly­sis from which she emer­ges a stron­ger per­son. But then Toma’s world beg­ins to topp­le … Călin Peter Netzer’s film blends roman­tic dra­ma with a stu­dy of men­tal ill­ness and how it is over­co­me. Unfolding like a com­plex puz­zle struc­tu­red around Toma’s psy­cho­ana­ly­ti­cal ses­si­ons, the nar­ra­ti­ve plun­ges into the past in a series of sus­tained flash­backs. Scenes from a com­plex mar­ria­ge that reve­al num­e­rous con­nec­tions to the repres­sed depths and taboos of Romanian society.

Rumänien 2017, 127 Min. , rum. OmU 
Regie: Calin Peter Netzer 
Kamera: Andrei Butică 
Schnitt: Dana Bunescu 
mit: Mircea Postelnicu, Diana Cavallioti, Carmen Tanase, Vasile Muraru