a film by Maryam Touzani. Starts In Arabic with German subtitles.

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Abla runs a popu­lar bak­ery in the nar­row streets of Casablanca’s old town. Mother of eight-year-old Warda, the wido­wed for­ty-some­thing is facing a busy day-to-day life. When her rou­ti­ne is bro­ken by a knock on the door, she is still una­wa­re that her life is about to chan­ge fore­ver. On the door­step stands Samia, a pregnant young woman asking for a place to stay in exch­an­ge for help around the house and in the bak­ery. While Abla does not want to enga­ge with this stran­ger pro­mi­sing not­hing but trou­ble, litt­le Warda imme­dia­te­ly takes to Samia. One night tur­ning into seve­ral, the cool­ly detached Abla incre­asing­ly fails to hide the fact that Samia is an unex­pec­ted asset to her bak­ery busi­ness as well as her enti­re life. Adam is a bit­ters­weet dra­ma, car­ri­ed by the excep­tio­nal Belgian-Moroccan star actress Lubna Azabal.


MA/FR 2019, 98 Min., arab. OmU
Regie: Maryam Touzani
Kamera: Adil Ayoub
Schnitt: Julie Naas
mit: Douae Belkhaouda, Aziz Hattab, Hasna Tamtaoui u. a.

ADAM Trailer German Deutsch (2021)
im Kino mit deut­schen Untetiteln
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